About us

Building Depot Suriname N.V. (hereinafter:BDS) has been operational since the 4th of November 2015. BDS is a modern constructed home department store with an extensive range of building materials and home decor. Our pursuit is to offer quality brands to create optimal living comfort, excellent customer service and attention to our clients, as well as our staff.

BDS was founded on the idea of offering people everything they need for the construction and furnishing of their home at one location. It all started when the founder himself was building his dream house. Unfortunately, he was not satisfied with the choices available on the Surinamese market. He was then forced to go abroad to find home furnishing. It was then that the idea of Building Depot Suriname was born.

Whether it is a new construction, renovation or interior design. Why should we have to go abroad to enjoy beautiful décor? What if everything was available locally? We should be able to have quality furnishing and enough options within hand’s reach. Based on this way of thinking, the initiative is to bring a piece of “abroad” closer to the customer. To live up to the company’s goal, the slogan “Build Your Dreams” was included.

Our mission is to offer quality products and excellent customer service at one location, in order to achieve optimal customer satisfaction.

Our vision is to be the number 1, one stop shop in the Caribbean for construction and home décor so we can help you“Build your Dreams”.