The warranty period differs per product. As long as you have a warranty on a product, the manufacturer guarantees that the product continues to work properly under normal use. The warranty conditions take effect on the day of purchase as stated on the invoice.

There is no warranty on defects caused by:

o Normal wear and tear

o Misuse

o Intentional negligence

o Overdue maintenance

o External disasters such as moisture damage, lightning strike, rust spots

o Transport by the customer

o Connection, installation, relocation and repair by yourself or from third parties

o Use without regulators or stabilizers.

There is no standard warranty on furniture, batteries, adapters, chargers, remote controls and screens.

Invalidity of warranty with:

– The warranty expires if you do not have the installation receipt from BDS, on which payment was clearly made for the installation.

– The warranty expires if the plug is cut and/or replaced.

– The warranty expires on TVs that are NOT connected to a regulator or stabilizer.

– The warranty is void for household products that are used commercially.