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Allibert Oka Shower Head

Allibert gives you ideas for the compositioning the bathroom of your dreams. So you can personalize your bathroom space to your taste and needs.

Grohe Vitalio Shower System

Vitalio Joy System 260 Shower System With Diverter for Wall Mounting

Ridder Handdouche Anguilla Chrome 5 spray

Contents: hand shower and rubber seal. Dimensions: 10 x 24 x 9 cm. 5 adjustment options for the shower functions:

Ridder Handdouche Belem 1 Spray

Producer: Ridder Model: 091290-R      

Ridder Handdouche Bogota Chrome 5 Spray

Length approx. 23, 8 cm Diameter of shower head: approx. 9 cm, 3 cm 5 ways to adjust the shower head functions With anti-limestone