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Designer Sofa Genus by Bell’arte

Genus, by Studio Bell'Arte - The proposal of the Genus sofa is to compose environments that evoke an atmosphere of relaxation, welcome and comfort, delicately intimate. Its discreet backrest and arms, wrapped in leather straps and several loose cushions, evoke a cozy and, at the same time, contemporary air.

Designer Sofa Islas by Bell’arte

Islas, by Ricardo Barddal - When the proposal for the environment is modernity and versatility, the ISLAS upholstery is the ideal model. Composed of super comfortable seats, built with the best comfort systems - exclusive to Bell'Arte, this model also has an unprecedented system of movable backrests, which can be changed at any time and very easily. In addition to the backrests, the model also has a support table that works on the same system, further increasing the possibilities of arrangement in the environment, according to the occasion or simply according to the user's taste.

Designer Sofa Netuno by Bell’arte

Neptune, by Ricardo Barddal - Rounded and organic lines continue a trend in decoration. The absence of right angles contributes to a perception of comfort that transcends physical well-being, also providing psychological comfort. In addition, the NETUNO upholstery has many possibilities for modulations, which allows this model to fit perfectly in environments of any size.

Designer Sofa Prana by Bell’arte

It is a hand gesture that expands vital energy and helps to clear the aura. Clean, contemporary and elegant sofa, these adjectives reinforce the rationality of the project. The lightness of the composition, the result of using long, thin feet and playing with beveled modules that suggest a certain misalignment, bring a playful touch to the project, instigating creativity.

Designer Sofa Yak by Bell’arte

Yak, by Ricardo Barddal - The Yak sofa, Eskimó's own name, is a piece inspired by the shapes of the igloos, home of the Inupyak, people who inhabit the Arctic region, the coldest on the planet. Rounded and organic lines are a strong trend in decoration, since the absence of right angles contributes to the composition of more fluid environments. In addition, the piece allows different modulations, among them an extensive, cozy and comfortable round chaise, in addition to curved and straight modules of different dimensions.

Huges 295 Ridgeline Brownie Recliner

This product is manufactured with quality in mind. Using only hardwood frames, Certi-PUR foam, industry leading Legget & Platt mechanisms, and durable fabrics that are hand tailored to the piece. We also use recycled materials where possible to aid in design; giving you the best style, strength and value while minimizing environmental footprint.

Huges Dolphin Bay Sofa & Loveseat

Sleek modern style 18400 Series Living Room Collection by Serta Upholstery by Hughes Furniture Industries in mottled leather look and