Lucide 09119/20/31 Xirax Ceiling Light 4xGU10/5W Led 320L 3

SRD 1,760.00

This lighting square from Lucide has a body of 25 by 25 centimetres. Inside, this Xirax lighting carries four modern GU10 fittings. The associated LED spots have already chosen their place. A sleek, white, aluminium cover hides the inside of this lighting element. Give the adjustable LED spots directions in this square light and you illuminate your kitchen or living room as you like. You also control the brightness: connect these LED spots to an external dimmer.

  • With dimmable light source
  • Fitted with warm white light (3000K)
  • This lamp is rotatable and tiltable
  • Easy to connect to a dimmer (excl.)
  • Made of high quality Aluminum
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